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  1. Flower Girl says:

    Mimi, you radiate Presence, joy and love for kids, grown-up kids and all life! Thank you for sharing these precious gifts with the world!

    MasterMind DreamMakers is a powerful agent for positive focus, change and transformation helping to make our planet a more peaceful and beautiful place for everyone in the world to enjoy!

    Blessings back to you!

  2. Sara Wilson says:

    I Love The Music Keep Up The Good Work..Will There Be Another CD?

  3. Flower Girl says:

    Wow! The downloads are really great!

  4. Flower Girl says:

    I love the stories! They are wonderful! I’m looking forward to downloading the puppet shows next! Thank you so much for the free materials!

  5. johannasrose says:

    MasterMindDreamMakers is a unique book that brings parents and children together. In this modern day computerized time it is easy to rely on communicating through technology but this guidebook produces children and parents to interact with one another, which creates intimacy and communication. The characters in the book are fascinating and the information produces children to focus on the positive aspects of themselves and life. “MasterMindDreamMakers” teaches both parents and children that they have the ability to attain the highest standard possible and gives keys that allow the child to call forth the power within themselves to make their life positive and fulfilling. This book is a wonderful tool to bring families together!

    Donna Marie Cusano, Author of “Johanna’s Rose”

  6. Susan says:

    A creative and imaginative approach to learning. The lessons are beautifully presented and combine fun with essential developmental activities. A new world of knowledge that students, parents and teachers can share and enjoy.

  7. frankdowning says:

    Hi Mimi – It’s Frank Downing, Denise’s father. We are going to download the Keys To Peace mini kit. I hope to use it with a young 6 year old girl from Mexico who I am tutoring. We will let you know how she likes it.