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My name is Mimi. I have been creating innovative curriculum for young minds most of my life. When I was teaching in the public school system, I realized that while the required curriculum emphasized academics, physical education and sports, it did not include life skills such as positive psychology, discovering individual sense of value and purpose, or how to find authentic happiness in life. 

During the time I was teaching primary grades, I was on my own personal self-help/spiritual journey. I was learning new ways of thinking which my parents and schools didn’t teach me. I became more and more peaceful, inspired, creative and capable.  I thought, “If these new tools are helping me so much, I have to share it with the kids in my classroom.” That was when MasterMind DreamMakers was born. It grew in the form of discussion circles, music, fables, games, and activities. Kids were learning to be master of themselves, so they could become master of their lives. I noticed that the children in my classroom began integrating these new practices into their lives. They began to enjoy greater self esteem. Their academics improved. The atmosphere of the classroom became one of a caring community, where everyone supported each other to become happier and more successful. 

 One morning a little girl who had been very excited about learning to be a MasterMind DreamMaker, came to me with a sad look on her face.  She said, “My Mommy says I’m not a MasterMind DreamMaker, and dreams don’t come true.” At that moment I realized, if you don’t get the parents, you won’t get the kids.

That’s when I began writing the  MasterMind DreamMaker Guidebook, an Inner-Active book for adults and kids to learn and practice the principals of love and positive thinking together. The guidebook takes adults and kids on a journey of self awareness where they can enjoy fun, TV free, quality time together.  They form a DreamTeam to support each other in becoming the best they can be. While practicing positive communication skills with each other, they prepare themselves for positive relationships in the world. 

I called on my wonderful friend and co-author, Susanne Tillman,  to help me, and after a number of years we completed the 230 page full color MasterMind DreamMaker Guidebook. We included a special feature, a fun 11×17 fold-out board game where everyone wins. The guidebook won the Benjamin Franklin award in Psychology and Self Help the first year it was out.

People ask me what I wish most for the children, myself, my loved ones and the world. I say, “That all beings learn to be happy”, for what’s life worth if we don’t have peace and joy in our hearts?

 So, how can we bring forth our potential for joy and true fulfillment?

I believe there are certain keys that unlock  joy and stimulate the imagination. These keys can be used by anyone, any time and in any situation. Finding true joy in our hearts might not be easy at first. Attitudes, habits and beliefs might stand in the way. MasterMind DreamMakers is a unique learning system based on the idea that, “Everything works from the inside out.” and “When you are master of your inner Space, your world becomes a better place.” It offers fun ways to practice changing negative attitudes, habits and beliefs to positive ones.  

 By teaching adults and kids the keys to finding their inner power, they become better able to deal with everyday challenges, emotions and “MonsterMind attacks”. When we are feeling an inner well-being and peace inside ourselves, we have more power to succeed.

I invite you to join the family of MasterMind DreamMakers and receive FREE downloads of powerful MasterMind materials.  Have fun and let us know how the materials are helping you and your kids.

 Love and Blessings,


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  1. Flower Girl says:

    Mimi, you radiate Presence, joy and love for kids, grown-up kids and all life! Thank you for sharing these precious gifts with the world!

    MasterMind DreamMakers is a powerful agent for positive focus, change and transformation helping to make our planet a more peaceful and beautiful place for everyone in the world to enjoy!

    Blessings back to you!

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